Demonstrator in Red Bull Livery – No.1


• ZZR1400 engine (2006) 190 BHP
• 0 – 60 in 3.5 secs
• 6 speed sequential gearbox with electric reverse
• IVA 2012 Registered “E” Reg Plate (Private plate of “E” reg or earlier may be used)
• 9 x 17 rear wheels 255/45/17 Tyres
• 7.5 x 17 front wheels 225/45/17 Tyres
• Acewell 3251 digital dash
• Two Seater – with optional airbox

The car has currently done around 6000 miles, some 800 of those were a trip to Le mans & back last Summer, the car performed impeccably! It is in excellent mechanical and bodywork condition, has the latest nose & new sidepods so represents our current production, it will  have a full service & fresh years MoT before collection

Road legal and ready to drive away.
Just £23995 

Keith has just put his car (pictured below) up for sale, this is one of the cheapest Furores we’ve ever offered for sale at just £15,995 NOW just £14.995!!!

Ok, it’s a fairly basic spec with same size wheels all round & just the standard Toyota engine, but these are readily & cheaply tuneable if you want more grunt & at this price you have a decent chunk of budget left for upgrades. On the upside the car has the latest sidepods & the wider front wing & comes complete with the “airbox” cover for the rear seat when not required. I don’t think this will hang about for long so if you are interested then get in quick. I don’t have the car here, advertising on behalf of the customer, can be viewed near Kings Lynn/Spalding area. I have more pictures if required.  Just contact me & I’ll put you in touch with the seller