Is it genuinely road legal?

Yes,completely! Our cars will pass the IVA test in UK & can be registered with DVLA.

What’s the top speed?

With the standard Toyota engine around 120 – 130 mph, with the ZZR1400 engine around 160 mph (we do not recommend regular use above the design speed of 119 mph).
Please bear in mind use of a Furore Formula Car does not eliminate the requirement for adhering to speed limits!

How about the acceleration?

This depends on what level of performance you can budget for, with the standard Toyota engine 0 – 60 is around 6 seconds, so fairly quick, but not stunning, however that engine is readily tuneable and there is also a 20 valve head & a supercharged version; with a standard ZZR1400 engine 0 – 60 is around 3.5 seconds.

Is it comfortable?

Surprisingly, yes, we are not suggesting it would make a high mileage tourer, but driver comfort is actually very good. The seat space has now been increased both front and rear making it acceptable for anyone up to around 6′ 4″ and around 17/18 stone. When touring down to Le Mans with a passenger & camping gear (yes, really!) it was sufficiently comfortable that the passenger fell asleep in the back!

What about weather gear?

A crash helmet and bike suit is recommended in very poor weather. A tonneau cover could be made for when the car is parked outside.

What are the build specifications?

All our cars use a single donor vehicle for the bulk of their parts, the Toyota MR2 MK1, and can use the car engine and driveline. Most big bike engines could also be used as an alternative. The bodywork is not intended to be a replica of anything, but to mimic the look of a modern Formula car. The car has simple modern, suspension systems inboard springs & shocks at the front and external at the rear. The suspension utilises the Toyota donor uprights and hubs with modifications. Other than that we encourage our customers to do their own thing and be imaginative, we don’t want all the cars to look the same!

What is the lead time on a kit and how much deposit is required

Typical time from putting down just a £1000 deposit on the chassis & a further £1000 if you want the bodywork at the same time, is around 14-16 weeks at present. This may be longer or shorter depending on how many orders we have at any given time. We would give an accurate time at the start of the order and would keep you updated as to progress. You can buy as little or as much of the kit and parts as and when you wish, we try to be completely flexible. If you want us to build a car for you it takes around 6 months plus time for IVA & registration procedures over which we have no control, we can take stage payments for a vehicle built this way

What is a kit likely to cost?

This is a very open ended question. Basic chassis kit prices start at £2895, it is easily possible to assemble a really nice example for around £14 – 16,000. A typical build cost will be around £12,000 for a car engined vehicle, somewhat more for a bike engined example. Turnkey cars start at around £21,000 for trackday use, around £23,000 for a basic road registered car, an improved specification will invariably bring a higher price tag with it.

Where can I view or test drive the car?

Our demonstrator is usually available for viewing by appointment at our workshop in Benfleet Essex, just off the main A13 & only 20 minutes from the M25 Dartford crossing or junction 29 on the M25

I want one!! When can I get one?

Talk to us, we are available on 07914 258651, or drop us an email russbost at googlemail dot com.