All back open as normal, we have some new bodywork, new front & rear wings & an exciting new livery on the demonstrator – I’ll post some pics up shortly!


Covid happened, not much else I can say really, except that we’re still alive & open pretty much as normal. Obviously no demonstrator drives at present


This was the year of the Thatcher’s Cider Race Car Ad – sworn to secrecy, so can’t say too much about it, but you can see the ad here or a different version here

Amazing what can be done with modern technology – I didn’t even realise it was possible to drive the car that slowly until that ad came along


We finally got the latest car finished, somewhat later than hoped in April as we had some dreadful issues with the ECU! This was a 2016 engine, which although at first appears identical to earlier models is, in fact very different & despite several “experts” telling me it was an ECU issue which needed the ECU “flashed” to remove various limp home settings, it in fact turned out to be a wiring issue in the end, & the later engine simply cannot be setup to bypass the neutral & clutch switch wiring in the same way the earlier engines could. All’s well that ends well, the car looked absolutely fantastic when finished, take a look at “The Cars” page for some pics of the finished car. This was the first car we’ve had wrapped & my compliments to Jed Butterfield of Cut ‘n’ Copy that did the wrapping for us.


A good start to the year with a customer deposit & an order taken towards the end of 2016 for a complete car, plus further bodywork for one of the early cars which has changed hands & is finally nearing being completed. Parts are all cleaned & refurbished ready to start the build as soon as the chassis & bodywork is ready. I am now making a build diary so you can see how the car goes together, this can be viewed at our Facebook page Link Here. Or if you don’t use Facebook then you can find the build diary  Here at Locostbuilders site.


2016 was a busy year for Furore. Furore Cars Ltd. & Furore Products are now owned & run by my daughter Jacqui & her partner Oliver Buckle, this all went through around the tax year end in March/April. They will of course continue to give first rate service on all parts!
Furore Formula Cars run by myself & my wife is now purely concerned with producing the cars you see here, one major improvement for all our UK customers is that the company no longer has to be registered for VAT, thus making a saving of 20% on all kits, cars & parts thereof bought from ourselves. In June I took The Red Bull colours car to Le Mans; this is the first time I’ve ever driven one of the ZZR1400 engined cars for such a distance in one trip. Despite appalling conditions, 4 & 1/2 hours of torrential rain, the car completed the 836 miles without any major issues. I was travelling without a passenger this time & hence not only had plenty of room for camping gear, I was able to load several cases of wine in before leaving Calais! How many 1000’s of pictures were taken of the car whilst in France I could only guess at, but it was a lot!
Not long after my return from Le mans I was contacted by Caters News agency who wanted to do a piece on the car & that resulted in the article in The Star (link on home page) & This Video credit to Caters News

A short video of the car in the Dartford Tunnel, make sure your speakers are turned up! Tunnel Video

Another short video, this time of one of the German cars on a trackday at Hockenheim, 2 of the German cars are regularly tracked with paying passengers or drivers Hockenheim Video


A lot of time, effort & expense went into creating the new style sidepods which we think are a lot more attractive than the old style, boxy ones, which were, after all apeing those of a 16 year old car! The Red demonstrator was hired by the BBC for the Panorama programme on Bernie Ecclestone, there is a link to the video on the home page, that car was subsequently sold & the Red Bull colours car became our regular demonstrator



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Furore ZZR1400 engine first track day laps

Furore ZZR1400 engine first passenger laps

Furore ZZR1400 Last run of the day!

Formula Car on the public road in UK

Furore ZZR1400 engine – first startup