Performance will always largely be governed by your budget. Furore can make the car pretty much as fast as you would ever want, we can even get close to top level race car power to weight ratios (such performance would only be safe on a track, not for the road).


Our cars can be built using the standard Toyota 1.6 Twin Cam 4AGE engine which comes with the donor vehicle, this will give satisfactory performance on a limited budget. If you want serious performance then a bike engine is recommended as it brings with it a 6 speed sequential gearbox and a screaming soundtrack, we have engine cradles for the ZZR1100 & ZZR1400 Kawasaki engines, though most bike engines could be fitted quite easily. Running the ZZR1400 engine you can expect performance in the region of 0 – 60 in around 3.5 seconds & a top speed (untested!) of around 160mph, please don’t even consider pushing the car to these limits on the road!



Using the ZZR1400, max power is 190bhp at 9,500rpm, max torque is 113ft/lbs, however there is a primary reduction ratio before the gearbox of 1.556:1 hence the effective torque is actually around 176lbs/ft, the engine will give a screaming soundtrack up to 11,500rpm & also incorporates a six speed sequential gearbox which can be upgraded with a “flatshifter” to give full power gearchanges in microseconds


KawasakiI ZZR 1400

Standard ZZR1400 Bike Engine

• 190BHP & 113 Ft/lbs of torque (200BHP with the latest engine)

• 0-60 in 3.5 seconds

• Top speed in excess of 140mph

• Geared for 170mph at max revs in sixth gear

• 30mpg+ at motorway cruising speeds



Rotrex Supercharger

Rotrex Supercharged

• 50% more power & more than 50% more torque!!!

• Speed up to 250,000 rpm – High speed – Low noise

• Torque-on-demand

• State of the art traction drive technology

You do need to bear in mind that Rotrex don’t offer a “bolt on package” for the ZZR1400, hence this is not a cheap option, you will also sacrifice some reliability in pursuit of additional performance – as standard the ZZR1400 offers more than adequate performance on the road!




For normal road and occasional track day use the standard brakes from the Toyota donor vehicle are perfectly adequate.

For protracted track day or race use we would recommend an upgrade to alloy calipers and bigger discs, however brake upgrades need to be considered as a complete package, it’s no good upgrading one end or the other & a balanced system is essential, you may therefore want to change to a dual master cylinder setup at the same time as considering caliper replacements.


Wilwood Brakes


• High-performance disc brake system

• Lightweight alloy calipers

• Large diameter vented discs





OK, you’re not getting a state of the art carbon tub like a real Formula car, however what you do get is a substantial 25 x 25mm & 25 x 50mm steel spaceframe, fully triangulated with built in crash protection to front, sides and rear, along with 2 roll hoops for rollover protection. The chassis design is an accumulation of experience gained from design in Formula Ford and from traditional Kit car manufacturers. It’s light, stiff and very strong, the impact protection goes up to shoulder height with roll hoops above. The drivers feet are substantially behind the front axle centre line for additional safety.




All our factory built cars have an  Acewell digital dash giving all your essential speed, revs and engine information in one place, they also incorporate gearshift lights.