A selection of our cars since the first of the “production” version hit the road in 2009, you will see many variations can be achieved! To bring up a full size picture just click on the image

The latest car we’ve built, a tribute to Damon  Hill’s championship winning car                                                                               I honestly think this is the best looking car we’ve built to date


Looks great from the front     

                                                                                      & indeed the rear!

This is a pic of Damon’s car & ours from a similar angle – not too dissimilar I hope you’ll agree!

Hired by the BBC for the Bernie Ecclestone Panorama Documentary
Ferrari Colours, High nose, Wide front wing, New curved style sidepods
Our Current Demonstrator in Red Bull colours, High Nose, Wide front wing, New style sidepods
Same spec as the Ferrari colours above, but looks completely different
Dave’s car, he restyled every panel to his own design, around 2000 hours went into this car!
As presented for IVA
Dave made his own carbon covered wings & flat floor!
Keith’s car – almost finished, note the “bulge” in rear engine cover as it has the Toyota 1.6 engine
As presented for IVA
& on the road. Keith’s car has the low nose, but with the wide front wing
Triple rear wing on one of the cars exported to Germany, also has a twin exhaust, but doesn’t really show up in the pic (central to the diffuser)
Another car in Ferrari colours, different livery
High nose, Wide front wing, Old style square sidepods
Built by Jason & now owned by Stefan (who has made loads of improvements to the car). This one’s in Canada!
No rear diffuser at this point, but a nice twin exhaust – lots of nice details on this car. Fitted with the supercharged Toyota 4 A-GZE engine.
ViviCam 6300
One of the German cars – pre IVA
ViviCam 6300
Another of the German cars – these were all to the same spec, ZZR1400’s, High nose, wide wing, old style sidepods (the new style can be retro-fitted)
Courtesy Martin Rose/, 2011, ©2011Eastnews Press Agency Car on roadtest just after registration – No, I didn’t get pulled up by the plod who are in attendance behind me!
The first of the “production” cars to hit the road, older squarer pods & low nose with narrow front wing
En route to Le Mans, passenger getting back in after paying the toll!