Nigel MansellOnce upon a time, in a galaxy far far away Russell Bost sat watching his hero of the time, Nigel Mansell hurl his Williams car around a circuit, when he thought to himself “how cool would it be to be able to drive something that looked just like that out on the public roads, it would be a bit more imaginative than the current kitcar fare of Lotus 7 & Cobra clones – obviously you wouldn’t want real Race Car performance, it would be uncontrollable and downright dangerous in a normal street environment, but you could easily generate some serious figures without going mad, after all what’s it going to weigh, 500 or 600Kg?” that was around 1988 or thereabouts, but from that germ of an idea, many years later sprang the Furore Formula Car     Russell BostIt wasn’t until 2001 that Russ next had the opportunity to seriously do anything about that dream, he had idly thought about how it could be done and what engine could be used, what car you could easily use as a donor, many different ideas got tossed about and discussed. In 2001 he sold his share of the garage business he had started and run for 20 odd years to his existing business partner and then spent the next year or so re-arranging finances and setting up a property rental business. The original Formula idea was always fairly fresh in his mind and once things were up and running on the properties there was generally a lot more time available to pursue his dream.     Formula Ford ChassisIn 2002 an old Formula Ford rolling chassis was purchased and some serious work started, there was no intention at this point of putting the car into production and the car was very much built for, & around, himself & on a very tight budget – hence it was decided to use 2, yes 2, motorcycle engines for serious power with moderate expense. The engineering problems were huge, it was fortunate that this was a project of love as even at a very lowly hourly rate huge bills could have been run up. Some 2,000 hours later in June 2005 the car went through SVA testing and after registration was complete Furore Formula Car hit the road. It generated massive interest and over the next few months appeared on the front cover of Kitcar magazine, in the Daily Mail newspaper, BBC TV and the 6 o’clock news in both London and Eastern regions. People were getting in touch and asking if a car could be built for them!     Toyota MR2 Formula One Kit CarHence in 2006 it was back to the drawing board for a more practical car that could be driven by the vast majority of the population and still fit a sizeable passenger in the rear (the first car had a relatively small cockpit as Russ is not a big guy!). The twin engine idea was dropped as too complex and expensive for a production version and whilst the external size remained very much the same, within an inch or so of the track and wheel base of the 2000/2001  Ferrari, the internal size was increased in all directions and a floor mounted pedal box gained considerable legroom. Several false starts with manufacturers for the chassis and bodywork were made before a reliable and reasonably priced supplier was found in AGM Sportscars in Barnsley.     svatestedThe first of the production versions hit the road with a standard Toyota MR2 Mk1 engine, gearbox and running gear. Having been SVA tested in January 2009 hardly any mileage was done before stripping the car back down to repaint in the McLaren colours of the time, one short half day shakedown at a trackday and with just 127 miles on the clock the car set off with a driver, passenger and full camping gear for the Le Mans 24 hour race. The car behaved almost perfectly, just one slight hiccup soon rectified with a local Le Mans garage, and the story was made legend being written up in Kitcar magazine. Passengers on the return ferry watched open mouthed as Russ and his passenger Gary loaded a couple of cases of wine into the car for good measure.     ZZR1400 Kit CarSince then all of the factory built cars have been bike engined, using the fantastic ZZR1400 Kawasaki engine, a number of chassis and body kits have been sold and there have been Furore Formula Car’s on the road in France, Germany, Canada and the USA some built by Furore and some by customers, using anything from the ZZR1100 engine, to the supercharged MR2 Mk1 engine. Changes have been made to wings and bodywork to keep the cars looking new and different and include items like a high nose, wide front wing, 2 or 3 tiered rear wing. Most recently new sidepods have been made which incorporate the top cockpit sides as well for a more svelte and finished appearance, the first car with the new pods hit the road in Feb 2014 & was hired by the BBC for the Panorama documentary on Bernie Ecclestone which appeared on TV in 2014, we have a link to that documentary on the homepage.     The Furore Formula Car will be around for many years to come yet…

New rear diffuser

Furore Formula One Kit Cars

Next to a real F1 McLaren


Toyota 4AGE engine


Prior to trackday at Woodbridge